Internship in New Zealand

In New Zealand, an internship is a first step into professional world that can sometimes lead to a first work placement.

Planning your internship in New Zealand :

Meet the criteria

  • No specific legal statute for interns : the intern is either a volunteer or a fixed-term worker.

As a volunteer, the intern is not covered by New Zealand Labor regulation and cannot be paid.

As a fix-term worker, the intern will benefit from New Zealand Labor rights and receive a minimum stipend of 11,25 NZD per work hour. You should keep in mind that such evidence is hard to deliver.

  • Have sufficient financial resources.

Check your finances before applying for an internship.  Regions, and on occasional times city or department offers some sponsorship for international internship.

More information on visa application and delivery, you should have a look to the New Zealand Immigration website.

Find an internship in New Zealand :

  • Universities International Department : ask the international section of your university about their existing relationships with New Zealand organizations.

It might be easier to apply for an internship in a company that has already hired students with a similar academic background.

  • Companies’ website : send some spontaneous application presenting a project consistent with the company’s projects or main objectives.

Environmental and animal sciences, engineering, social work, hospitality, healthcare, and visual and performing arts  industries are specifically active in New Zealand.

Alternatively, some placement agencies can find you an intern position in the working field consistent with your studies, even though they can be really expensive and rarely lead to paid internships.

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