Co-tutelle of thesis

What is an “international co-tutelle of Thesis” ?

An “international co-tutelle of thesis” is defined as an agreement that promotes mobility among PhD candidates. Under co-tutelle, PhD candidates conduct their research in two different countries under the oversight of a supervisor from each of the two institutions involved in the program. A single thesis manuscript and a single thesis defense are recognized by the two parties. There are two possibilities for the graduation either two separate parchments from each institution or a single parchment jointly delivered by the two institutions.

There is no general framework for co-tutelle. Each institution can develop its own international co-tutelle program under its specific conditions regarding the program’s enrollment, funding, conduct and granting of the degree. The terms of the agreement can also be refined depending on each candidate and the specific needs of his/her research.

To get more information on co-tutelle programs (enrollment, agreements, fundings program, requirement, etc …), please download our specific document: cotutelle_en

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