My thesis in 5 minutes video competition

FAST! is delighted to launch its inaugural My thesis in 5 minutes Competition.

MSc or PhD student? Recently graduated from a MSc or PhD? Your research project connects France and Aorearoa New Zealand? You love sharing your research project? This competition is for you!

To enter the competition, you need to create a short video (between 3 and 5 minutes) explaining your research project and how it connects France and Aotearoa New Zealand. Apart from that, no specific format is required in making the video, so get creative and innovative! A 200-word (max) summary will also be needed for the application.

Cash Prices
1st – NZ$1000, 2nd – NZ$500 and 3rd – NZ$250

Eligibility Criteria
Open to MSc or PhD students in a University in France or in Aotearoa New Zealand, currently enrolled or up to 1 year post graduation.

The submissions will be assessed by a group of FAST! committee members. The quality of the video and science communication skills are the most important criteria for the assessment. Ideally the video will be pitched for a broad audience. FAST! being a non-profit organisation with the goal to foster collaborations between France and Aotearoa New Zealand, the link between the two countries must be evident!

Closing date of the competition: 14 October 2021

Announcement of the winners and diffusion of the 3 winning videos will be done at the FAST! AGM in December 2022.

Applicants must agree that the winning videos will be uploaded to the FAST! website.

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